A table-top particle physics program to probe the electron's electric dipole moment with cold molecules

Postdoc position available

March 21, 2024

We have an opening for a 2-year postdoc position to join the NL-eEDM collaboration. We look for a physicist with a background in experimental atomic, molecular and optical physics. The candidate is expected to be actively involved in different aspects of the project and guide PhD students working on various parts of the research program, which involves a cryogenic beam, Stark deceleration, molecular laser cooling, a carefully shielded interaction zone, laser spectroscopy and state preparation and readout. In the current phase of the experiment, where these various subparts are all being integrated, we look for someone with a broad view and an active attitude towards achieving our common goal - a competitive electron-EDM measurement.

The deadline for applications is May 15, 2024. You can contact Steven Hoekstra ( for more information, and apply through the link below.

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