A table-top particle physics program to probe the electron's electric dipole moment with cold molecules

Our paper got highlighted on

October 21, 2021

Our paper on the deceleration and trapping of SrF molecules got a nice accompanying article on, that explains the main idea of our work.  
This is the original publication:

Deceleration and Trapping of SrF Molecules

P. Aggarwal, Y. Yin, K. Esajas, H. L. Bethlem, A. Boeschoten, A. Borschevsky, S. Hoekstra, K. Jungmann, V. R. Marshall, T. B. Meijknecht, M. C. Mooij, R. G. E. Timmermans, A. Touwen, W. Ubachs, L. Willmann

Physical Review Letters, vol. 127, 2021, p. 173201

Here you can find the article:

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